Burnt Chrome is a collective of positive, experienced, highly-driven and awarded specialists that fearlessly proceed when confronted with new challenges. Our 15+ years of experience guarantee efficiency and success!

The most important part of our professional tale was gaining the ability to communicate efficiently, enabling every client to instantly become a part of our agile team. We still keep redefining the standards when it comes to the rapid delivery of quality-driven software!

History & Awards

Burnt Chrome was established in 2010 by Wojciech Szymczak as an independent, quality-driven Software House & Digital Agency. During the 10+ years, we grew and expand our technical expertise by providing direct services to many key players on the Irish, UK and international markets. We still feel there is much more to be done. We are eager to start our next cooperation.

2007 Eircom Spiders (lead developer of visitdublin.com)
2012 TheAppys (co-developer of JoyceWays mobile app)

Software House Profile

Business delivery model: Rapid IT Optimization

Clients sectors: public, fintech, insurance, sports

Clients profile: private, public and corporate

Digital agency operational markets: EU, UK & Ireland, Poland

Projects spectrum: from one-page WordPress through live sports mobile apps to complex enterprise insurance risk and gas billing delivery systems