Software Development Services, Enterprise IT Business Optimization, Websites, Mobile apps, Branding, Social Media Campaigns delivered using our lightning-fast process with no quality compromise!

We are capable of jumping on the project’s bandwagon at any stage. Our business analyst will streamline the process, UI/UX designer will visualise the solution and developers will deliver the final product.

Burnt Chrome Services List


Business Optimization
Data flow and business process optimization resulting in a dramatic cut of operational costs.

Brand Presence & Awareness
Creation and improvements of brand presence resulting in increased brand awareness.

Social Media Campaigns
Social media campaigns are the Holy Grail of the modern Internet. Do not skip on the power of shared, guerilla-style marketing.

Websites/Web Portals
Clean & modern website design & development.

Mobile Apps
Multiplatform mobile apps design & development

Cloud-based Solutions
Most of the solutions we deliver are cloud-based. Let us introduce you to a highly scalable paradigm of modern computing.

The SHD Planning Application Websites
Choose from a variety of predefined website templates and have them delivered in 24h!

Rapid IT Optimization


The most important part of successful cooperation is the mutual understanding of what optimizations are possible regarding the client’s business using our Rapid IT Optimization process. This is where our extensive Q&A documents kick in.

Rapid Software Development


The next step is the design and implementation of the final system. This is where we convert every aspect of the proposed optimization plan into viable technological solutions.

Patterns & Practices

Business Optimization
We strongly advise focusing on this aspect. The optimization will dramatically reduce the amount of work needed for planning and implementation.
Implementation Plan
Extracting and mutual understanding of all project goals is an absolute minimum before any development work could commence.
Prebuilt System’s Delivery
In many cases, an optimization will only need proper recognition and setup of widely accessible IT solutions. We would always propose these less time consuming, lower-risk solutions first.
Bespoke System’s Delivery
All of the other cases will need a bespoke system delivery. This means additional planning and development time, however, results should and will dramatically reduce companies operational costs.